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Ask anyone who has ever visited Highlands House and they will tell you we're so much more than just a care centre for the elderly - we're a home. Situated in one of Cape Town's most tranquil suburbs, for more than 90 years, we have been dedicated to providing our residents with the physical, emotional and spiritual care and support they need.

From the expert and personal care that our residents of all ages receive - to the wide variety of activities and social events we offer - we cater to the individual well-being of each and every person living in Highlands House. And, as many of our residents share a Jewish background, our Highlands House Synagogue also offers them the opportunity to observe and celebrate their faith and traditions, surrounded by friends and family.

With our residents, visitors and staff making up such a vibrant community, Highlands House is a place that offers people, young and old, the chance to really connect with one another. And while we constantly strive to improve and surpass all the services that the home has to offer, Highlands House remains a haven where our elderly residents can truly make the very most their golden years. 

"It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home" ~ Author Unknown

Our model of care

At Highlands House, no-one understands better than us the enormous impact - both emotionally and physically - that a big change can have on an elderly person.

That's why whenever we welcome a new resident, we do our utmost to ensure that, from the moment they arrive at the home, they feel as though they are already a part of our family. To accomplish this, we have several supportive and nurturing structures in place - and have embraced a holistic approach when it comes to the care we offer.

"We can do no great things, only small things with great love." 
~Mother Teresa

Emotional Care

Because we at Highlands House understand that the emotional and psychological well-being of our residents is as important as the physical, we offer a variety of activities and channels to ensure this.

The atmosphere in the home is always calm and peaceful. Our friendly and professional staff are always on hand, and even the décor lends itself to an air of serenity. In addition to this, we support the meaningful friendships that are such an integral part of life at Highlands House, provide social workers and vital counselling services, and encourage participation in many of our daily social activities.

These include everything from arts and crafts, favourite hobbies, carpet bowls and bingo, to listening to live music and guest speakers. We also regularly organise special outings and weekly shopping trips, as well as some well-deserved pampering where residents can enjoy having a manicure or getting their hair done.

We at Highlands House also offer more tailored care to those residents living with various special needs, to ensure they too experience the positive benefits this kind of care can offer.

"Peace - that was the other name for home."
~Kathleen Norris

Physical care

The physical well-being, safety and comfort of all residents at Highlands House is paramount. Which is why, we have experienced staff on hand - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - to provide care when needed. Professional nurses attend to our residents' medical needs - at our in-house clinic, or in their rooms (if required) - as well as manage the residents' medication and liaise with general practitioners when necessary.

In keeping with our ethos of improved quality of life, we also encourage physical exercise, such as tai chi, wheelchair dancing and movement classes. And, of course, all physical activities are carefully monitored and dependent upon the participating resident's individual strengths and capabilities.

"Nurses are angels in comfortable shoes." 
~Author Unknown

Spiritual care

As home to a significant number of elderly Jewish residents, Highlands House is proud to boast its very own Synagogue. Beautifully decorated and furnished, the Synagogue is always open and available to any resident - whether they wish to pray or simply spend some quiet time in contemplation.

Thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers, the Synagogue also offers regular daily services, as well as a weekly brocha. Plus, residents are always informed about upcoming Jewish festivals, and the services of a Rabbi can be organised on request. 

Special care unit:

For our residents with special needs, such as those living with Alzheimers or dementia, we at Highlands House offer an unparalleled level of care in our Special Care Unit (SCU). Our exceptional team of skilled and committed staff employ a holistic approach - to provide these residents with all the care and support they need - with the ultimate goal of helping each, individual resident live their life to fullest.

Staff training and development:

From our nurses and caregivers to our management and maintenance teams, every single staff member has a vital role to play at Highlands House. We consider our human resources one of our most important assets - and are grateful for the skills, knowledge and altruistic attitudes that they share with the residents, and with each other, every day.  

As such, we at Highlands House are committed to supporting our staff wherever and however we can, through continual training and development programmes. Not only to help them build up their own skill set, but to also enable them to provide our residents with an even greater level of care and support. 


Revamp of our Coffee Shop
R600 000
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We are entering a new era and its time for our coffee shop to be upgraded. We're making good progress to making funds available but we're not quite there yet. Help us get there!

Management Team

Operations Manager
Kim Du Plessis
Executive Director
Harris Burman
Deputy Director
Delia Kaplan
Senior Social Worker
Barbara Bernstein
Quality Manager
Colette Longworth
Accounts Manager
Mike Staegeman

Some of our Trustees, Committee Members and Volunteers

Theodore Yach
Abe Sank
Beverley Chiat
Honorary Life Trustee
Eliot Osrin
Eric Cohen