Accommodation and Application Form at Highlands House

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Highlands House has various accomodation options. All these option are fully services and include laundery services and care services if needed.

Currently, Highlands House is able to accommodate 220 residents. Each room is comfortably furnished and many offer their occupants a mountain or sea view. While the majority of rooms are only for single residents, we can offer a few couples a double room as well.

Single -double -rooms


Number of rooms:

* 182 single rooms

* 12 double rooms (for couples)

* 14 bathroom-en-suite rooms - including 5 with a balcony - in the Pola Pasvolsky Pavilion

* 12 bathroom-en-suite rooms - including 8 on the first floor - in the Max and Rose Leiserowitz Pavilion

Room size:

* Single: 12m2

* Double: 22m2


* Built-in cupboards

* Hand basin

* Bed

* Bedside locker

* Chair

* Heater

* Curtains

* Linens

* Towels

Plus, each room has a call bell linked to a duty station.


Pola Pasvolsky Pavilion

Paulo -padavsky


Each room features an en-suite, with garden and mountain views, as well as a private lounge and dining room.


Upon enquiry - please contact Barbara Friedman on 0214611100 or



When it comes to making the decision to move into residential care, we at Highlands House can appreciate the difficulties that such a big step can entail. And while we understand that such a move is sometimes unavoidable - especially in a situation where an applicant can no longer adequately manage on their own - we do encourage prospective residents, and their families, to consider starting the application process before a crisis situation arises. As Highlands House is not a hospital facility, we are unfortunately unable to accommodate emergency placements.

Who is eligible for admission?

Elderly persons, male and female, aged 60 years and older. (As a predominantly Jewish organisation, preference will be given to those from a Jewish background.)

Persons in a physically and/mentally frail state, who are in need of care.

Persons who fall within certain social criteria - such as financial need, isolation or have no support system.

Application procedure:
Application forms can be obtained by mail, personal collection or via the website

After the completed application forms are received a home visit will be conducted as soon as possible.

The purpose of the home visit is to assess the prospective resident's care needs and ascertain the level of care required, as this will determine where they will be accommodated in Highlands House

The assessment is based on daily living skills, such as washing, eating habits and mobility, and helps to establish the level of care required.

In turn, this will also determine the monthly tariff.

The prospective resident and/ family representative will be requested to attend 2 meetings - the first is to discuss the financial arrangements, and the second where the Admissions Committee will finalise the application and sign the relevant documentation.

The availability of a suitable room will determine the waiting period for admission.

Application Form


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