Esther Bloch

 Resident and Volunteer


Enjoying the new Susman Lifestyle Centre


Looking back over the last six and a half years when I first arrived at

Highlands House, I feel privileged and extremely grateful that I decided

to come here. The changes since I came here have been

wonderful. The third floor was completely changed into The Susman

Lifestyle Centre. The achievement was fantastic as daily activities

are held here, ranging from exercises, to interesting talks and a big

screen to watch films etc. which Lesley attends to and much more.

Our coffee shop is very popular with family and friends sitting over a cup of coffee or tea, lunch or cake. You can also sit outside with a view overlooking Table Mountain.

We all realize what a difference the new addition has made to the residents, to be able to use it for all kinds of events. In conclusion I would like to thank the whole dedicated team who made this dream come true.


Revamp of our Coffee Shop
R600 000
R50 000

We are entering a new era and its time for our coffee shop to be upgraded. We're making good progress to making funds available but we're not quite there yet. Help us get there!