Eva Wolowitz




"To be a volunteer is the torah way, the Jewish way. It's about being kind, helping and giving to others." Eva Wolowitz

Eva spends most mornings volunteering in the West Wing of Highlands House. Her skills as a trained psychiatric nurse and her emphatic nature have been an asset to the House for many years.  Eva was orphaned as a young child and was brought up in the Arcadia Jewish Orphanage in Johannesburg. She believes that her love for helping and caring for others came from the times when she was asked to sit with the young children at the hospital at the orphanage and give them their tea and sweets. When she was older she continued in this vain and went to train as an assistant nurse at Tara in Johannesburg and then did her general training at the then Johannesburg general Hospital.

Eva's training did not stop there and she continued with special training in psychiatric nursing in Scotland as well as midwifery. Eva's life was full, having married a man from Port Elizabeth and having two children. When her husband passed on she moved from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town to be with her daughter and decided to come and volunteer at the House. For 14 years she volunteered as a non-resident and now continues to do so as a resident.

Most mornings Eva prepares activities for the residents of the West Wing to take part in. Her training and kind nature provides daily therapy to the residents of the West Wing. "Our activities are simple but stimulating,' she says, ' and we do simple crafts like colouring in, painting, stuffing teddy bears and cushions. Once a month we have a reminiscent morning where we talk about the past and the men like talking about stamps'.

On Saturdays Eva takes some of the residents to Shul and for those who can't get to Shul they celebrate Shabbat together at the wing by lighting candles and making the brocha for bread. Other activities include baking with the residents once a month, playing games such as scrabble, doing puzzles, playing carpet golf and creating objects to celebrate Jewish festivals such as flags for Simchat Torah or Rosh Hashanah cards.

Eva believes that volunteering is very important, not only for the people you help but also for her. 'It's good for me to do this kind of work, it gives me satisfaction. The Jewish community were very good to me when I was a child and looked after me, it's now my time to give back.'

Eva enjoys living at Highlands House and although she does not get involved in many of the other activities as she is very busy volunteering, she has made space to help with the Bingo evenings and sometimes watches some of the opera's and ballets that are shown.

She feels that the management of the House truly care about the residents and she enjoys the meetings that are held between residents and management once a month to discuss issues. This she says is why the nursing and care staff provide such good service as they are informed by the management what the needs of the residents are.

When Eva is not volunteering she is watching and catching up on her latest love: Cricket







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