Mary Atlas


'Life is a big adjustment

The past is history

Today is a gift

Though tomorrow is a mystery,

So we live day by day

And make the very best

With good health

May we all be blessed.'

Section of poem called Highlands House written by Mary Atlas.


Mary Atlas calls herself a Rhymologist and in her room you will find a treasure trove of poems, written during her 100 years. She has been writing these poems since she was a teenager and although she is print handicap and cannot see what she writes anymore, she still puts pen to paper and writes what she sees in her mind's eye.

Mary describes herself as having an impulsive nature and used to love playing games such as bridge and carpet bowls and challenging herself at scrabble. As years progressed Mary had to give up many of these activities. Her eye-sight worsened and could not read anything anymore. Many of us would see ourselves as victims in these circumstances, especially if the 'written word' was something that brought us so much joy. However, Mary realised that there would be an adjustment and decided to take up spiritual psychology to help her through this time.

Her explorations into spiritual psychology have brought her into contact with many writers, but the one that touches her deeply is Louise L. Hay. Through her teachings Mary has learnt to use affirmations in her daily practice, and these affirmations have helped her cope with her disability as well with other challenges. Mary believes that by visualising and believing in your affirmations one becomes more positive and can cope more affectively.

These days Mary enjoys watching TV, playing patience and listening to books on tape which the South African Library for the Blind provides for her. 

Mary is a soft spoken woman, who may not hear very well or see very well, but her spirit of positivity and connectivity to the universe is visible in the way she relates to people as well as her compassion for those less fortunate.

'We are each responsible for all of our own experiences. Every thought we think is creating our future.  The point of power is always in the present moment.'Louise L. Hay, 'You Can Heal Yourself'.   






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