Monty Teperson




Monty Teperson is 91 years old and  has been at Highlands House for nine years. An adventurous man, Monty spent many years in the Merchant Navy, travelling to places such as Sierra Leone, South America and Northern Europe. However, Monty is known for his skills as a portrait artist and many a resident, staff member or visitors has asked him to draw pictures of loved ones for them.

Monty was born in Cape Town but moved to Johannesburg when he was seven and attended a Government School in Doornfontein. When he finished high school he attended the University of Cape Town but soon came to realise that he wanted something more exciting and through a friend joined the Merchant Navy. His first job was on the Duke of Athens which went to South America first, then sailed to Sierra Leone in West Africa. There he took ill. His ship could not wait for him and he was left in hospital in Freetown without a job or any money. Freetown was a popular port and there were many passenger ships docked near the port during World War Two. He finally found a Dutch ship in the port that needed a sailor. This ship took fresh water to passenger ships and he worked there until the Germans were defeated in North Africa.

Monty worked in the Merchant Navy for a couple more years and then found work in London as a silk screen printer and layout artist. His talent as an artist allowed him to do take a six month silk screening course and he stayed in London until 1950. During this time he met his wife who was a widow and had two sons from that marriage.

His family in South Africa had moved back to the Western Cape and moved to Springbok. Monty joined them and ran a general dealer business until 1959 when the copper mine closed down. After helping his family in their hotel business he decided to move back to Cape Town and through a friend heard that the government was opening bottle stores in Gugulethu and Langa. His work ended there when violence in the former townships increased and the bottle stores were burnt down. He then worked in the hotel industry until he retired.

In 2001 Monty came to live at Highlands House. He is a people's person and he enjoys getting involved in household matters and is part of a committee that represents the residents. "Everything is wonderful at Highlands House. They really care about the people here and take an interest in their needs. They are very professional. The Director and his team have achieved a lot".

Monty spends his time involved in activities at the home, drawing pictures and socializing with the residents. Both his sons have retired and live in South Africa. He has grandchildren and great grandchildren who live in Johannesburg.


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