Barbara Friedman - PA to the Directors

Barbara Friedman has been at Highlands House for 11 years. She is  passionate about old people and the home.  When asking her about her job she answered,

" I love working with the aged and I love the physical environment in which I work, i.e. the beautiful surroundings and the easiness as opposed to the rigidity in the commercial world.  Further, I love working with the Jewish community.    The residents of Highlands House are extremely fortunate in that they live in a caring and supportive environment, a home away from home where their physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs are of utmost importance". 


Revamp of our Coffee Shop
R600 000
R50 000

We are entering a new era and its time for our coffee shop to be upgraded. We're making good progress to making funds available but we're not quite there yet. Help us get there!