Colleen Jansen - Care Manager, Pasvolsky SCU


Colleen Jansen did not think that her career path would lead her to Highlands House. As a young woman she had thought that she may become a secretary or dental assistant, but fate brought her here and she has never looked back and has been at the House for almost twenty. From the beginning she connected with the residents and found that she had skills in care management. 

Due to the fact that she had no prior education in nursing, Highlands House provided her with further education and she qualified as a nursing auxiliary through a course that is accredited by the Medical Council but run through the Home.

After doing some further practicals at Conradie Hospital, Nazareth House and Vincent Pallotti, Colleen went to work at the Special Care Unit, formerly known as the West Wing. After a number of years working there she was asked to run the care side of the Unit whilst the staff nurse deals with the medical side.

Her responsibilities are numerous. She monitors all residents' care through the development of a care plan for each resident and this, developed in conjunction with the input of the staff nurse as well as the input from the occupational therapists, physiotherapists and psychiatric sister. She also keeps constant contact with the families of the residents and informs them about the care needs as well as giving them support when needed. Further she orientates new staff to the unit and makes sure that the standard of care is maintained.

"It's is important to create a bond with residents and their families. I try and put myself in the family's shoes to understand what the family is going through. I realised that it can be difficult for some especially when they see their loved ones deteriorate."

"To be involved in this kind of work one needs to have patience and endurance. To be a carer one needs to be a special person, especially when one deals with people who have behavioural problems. I make sure that I thank the carers on the third floor as they deal with a lot everyday".

Colleen is a soft - spoken,  kind person, a person you connect with instantly and this is why she thrives in this environment. "When a resident gives you that smile of gratitude when you do something small for them, the appreciation is wonderful, that is why I am here".

However she says that it can be a difficult job. "It is difficult when the residents come to a point where they can't recognise their family. I really feel for the family".

Highlands House continues to train and keep their care staff informed. Colleen takes a refresher course each year and this knowledge she transfers to her staff so there is continuous knowledge transfer. She is also exposed to developments outside the Home and attends seminars and courses to keep updated about the care field.

Colleen has a close family. She loves being at home and spending time in her garden and the outdoors.



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