Elan Rabinowitz

I have been a member of the Finance Committe at Highlands House and more recently the Executive Committee for approximately 5 years. My motivation for becoming involved at committee level was that I wanted to contribute to a worthy Jewish community organisation in addition to my involvment in a few NGO's servicing the general Cape Town population.

I feel that the standard of care for the aged of our community at Highlands House is of the highest quality and the facilities available to the residents are exceptional. Besides that what stands out in bold is the ability of our small community of approximatley 14 000 members to financially sustain a facility of such high quality which relative to our community size and financial resources stands out so well when compared to other facilities in both South Africa and around the world. The home is also always constantly looking at ways to improve its high standards.


Revamp of our Coffee Shop
R600 000
R50 000

We are entering a new era and its time for our coffee shop to be upgraded. We're making good progress to making funds available but we're not quite there yet. Help us get there!