Eric Cohen

Eric Cohen is all about music and positivity. Originally from Johannesburg Eric spent his childhood enjoying attending the Cinema and listening to all kinds of music on the radio stations. From an early age he collected music. After moving to Cape Town he moved into the field of retail. However his main love for music carried on and he gained more and more knowledge about music, singers, musicals etc.  

"I really only liked the pop stuff for many years, but lately I have started to really appreciate opera and classical music. Presently I am playing Johan Strauss in my car".

Eric started coming to Highlands House in the late 1990's. "I use to just play cd's with different music genres and talk about the artists. Then I started showing dvd's which are music related. They are dvd's that relate to the past, today, and to tomorrow. Something that they can relate to, that they can enjoy and reminisce".

Eric is a very positive person. "Life is what you make of it. I read many philosophy books and use some of that knowledge to help people".  "Music also creates positivity, music brings joy."

Eric has incredible knowledge about all things musical and he brings this love for music and the arts to Highlands House which is enjoyed by many of our residents.


Revamp of our Coffee Shop
R600 000
R50 000

We are entering a new era and its time for our coffee shop to be upgraded. We're making good progress to making funds available but we're not quite there yet. Help us get there!