Theodore Yach



Theodore Yach is well known in the Jewish Community as well as the larger Cape Town community. When he is not consulting for his property firm Zenprop or involved in the improvement of Cape Town City, he is swimming long distance and challenging other records. He swam the English Channel in August 1996, is the current holder of the most Robben Island to Cape Town swim crossing 59 times and is the first person to complete the 29.5km swim from Three Anchor Bay around Robben Island. Presently, he is training for a swim from Houtbay to Robben Island.

Having been brought up in a family that was community orientated, Theodore felt that it natural for him to take up a role as Trustee of Highlands House. His family have been instrumental in the development of many community organisations and projects and especially in supporting the House. The Mauerberger Foundation Fund was founded by his late grandfather, Morrie Mauerberger in 1935. Morrie was one of the largest employers in the Cape and his staff all lived on the Cape Flats. He soon realised that his staff had no access to medical care and basic needs and with great generosity and foresight, Morrie opened a few clinics which he staffed and equipped and ran for years. The Foundation had its roots in the broader Cape community however in the 1970's, it was formalised with one of its key elements being supporting Highlands House.

Theodore remembers helping out at the House when he was a teenager and doing chores for the residents as well as working in the garden. So it was a natural progression that he became involved in the running of the house and became President from 1994 - 1996. Theodore's talents and expertise in providing leadership in the Cape Town business community as well as Jewish Community is an enormous asset for Highlands House. Theodore believes that, 'Highlands House should not be seen as a place of last resort.' 'We need to think of a scenario where there is no Highlands House, what would we do?' For him many elderly people would be left in their apartments, alone and insecure. 'My vision is to build on the notion that Highlands House is for everyone and not just a medical facility'. Thus, as Trustee, he hopes he can build on what has already been achieved and continue to welcome and people in our community to the house, and provide the services and residential accommodation for them to enjoy.

Theodore lives by the philosophy that if you are a Jewish person in this community you will be cared for and he acknowledges that Highlands House has the, 'location, facility, and team to achieve the best for the House in the future'.


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