Barbara Bernstein

BARBARA BERNSTEIN  -  Senior Social Worker


Barbara Bernstein has been at Highlands House since 1994. A trained Social Worker, Barbara studied both at Rhodes University and the University of Cape Town. After finishing her degree Barbara worked for the Department of Social Welfare, now Social Development, then moved into geriatric care with the CPOA and lastly to Highlands House.

"I always knew I wanted to do something meaningful. Something that made a difference. So social work was a good choice to be able to do that".

According to Barbara, a social work degree equips you for a real career path in this field; however, there are innate qualities which you need to have such as empathy and good listening skills. She enjoys giving that time to residents and feels that the biggest gift that you can give is to sit, listen and just be with another person.

"There is definitely not enough recognition given to the value of doing just that, listening".

Barbara's main focus is to oversee the other Social Workers as well as focusing on the admissions process from the beginning to the end. Due to this she has come to know all the residents and their families. She is able to help them shed light on difficult situations and look for ways forward. 

When Barbara is not at work she loves being in nature, sitting in her garden and spending time with her family and her dog Amy.




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